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Wearable Wounds Deluxe Wound Kit

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A wearable wound simulation that represents through-and-through gunshot to the thigh exposing fat and muscle. The device has a channel connecting the entrance and exit wounds to allow the packing of the wound with gauze. It wraps around an actor or manikin and attaches with hook and loop fastening. Blood tubing is integrated into the construction to easily create simulated blood flow. The PATENTED construction with SOFTTECH® materials, provides realism for your training scenario.


Includes: bleed system, 8.8 oz blood, extra tubing, connectors & hard case and the following wounds:

  • WW3-001 Thigh Laceration
  • WW3-002 GSW Through Hand (Right)
  • WW3-003 Impaled Object
  • WW3-004 Severe Burn Forearm (Right)
  • WW3-005 Evisceration
  • WW3-006 Broken Jaw w/ Laceration
  • WW3-007 Open Wound - Scalp
  • WW3-008 Compound Fracture - Arm
  • WW3-009 Avulsion to Calf
  • WW3-010 GSW to Leg

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