Quiqlite Hands Free Lighting


QuiqLite is a hands free concealed LED light source designed for public safety professionals including Police, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Paramedics, First Responders, Ambulance and Fire Fighters.  It is ideally suited for anyone who needs to go hands free to get teh job done.

QuiqLite allows you the freedom of not having to hold your flashlight in the palm of your hand, under your arm or between your cheek and shoulder while reading, writing or maneuvering in the dark!

QuiqLite is low profile, light weight and easy to use:
Simply attach QuiqLite under the lapel of your uniform shirt pocket or Molle webbing loops of your tactical vest. With the push of a button you have hands free light!

Tactical hand held flashlights produce too much light for reading and writing:
QuiqLite is designed to activate at 20 lumens to help preserve your night vision, giving you the tactical advantage. It can also boost up to 150 lumens when extra light is required. Keep your tactical flashlight on your belt, ready to use for its intended tactical purpose. Use QuiqLite for everything else. QuiqLite features a 160⁰ adjustable light arm, allowing you to set your perfect lighting angle. QuiqLite has a 10 minute auto-off battery saving timer and continuous Safety Strobe feature. QuiqLite products now include the New “QuiqFlare” attachment, allowing you to be seen up to 1.5 miles away and New Pupil Gauge!


  • Reading and Writing
  • Maneuvering in the dark
  • Marking road side hazards
  • Safety/location beacon
  • And many more....

Features of Quiqlite Hands Free Lighting:

  • 20 up to 200 lumens (depending on model purchased)
  • Independent LED activation
  • Auto-off 10 minute battery saving timer
  • 160 degree adjustable LED light arm
  • Safety Strobe
  • 180 degree removable magnetic QuiqClip
  • Light weight low profile design
  • Weather resistant housing
  • Anti-glare visor