What's a Heroclip?
Invented a special hooked carabiner that allows you to gather, fasten and hang your stuff where you need it.


Maximum weight Can swivels 360 degrees Hook it anywhere you can



Ideal for Travel Best for Outdoor and Leisure Great for Do-It-Yourself too

Heroclip Size Comparison



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This is #myheroclip
This is #myheroclip.
There are none like it, and this one is mine. You know carabiners and gear ties, but Heroclip is something special. We're not a climbing tool, we work for gear so you can do more with your hands. Stay on target with the world's first swivel and hook carabiner clip.

Stronger together
Stronger together.
Heroclip is strong, cut from of a solid block of 7000 series aircraft-grade aluminum. With a gear threshold of 50 pounds, it's a gear clip that just won't quit. Fasten your stuff exactly where you need it so that it's always ready and in reach when you need it most.

Right where you need it
Right where you need it.
Heroclip is small and lightweight, able to fold down into a standard carabiner form-factor. The hook and swivel system expands the product and its versatility, letting you use it when and where it makes sense, all without taking up too much space in your kit.

Only the brave
Only the brave.
Heroclip is up to the challenge of the most extreme situations you find yourself in. Whether is fastening emergency supplies to the side of a cliff or pulling things together for a daring Helicopter rescue, Heroclip is the able-bodies gear clip you need.