Rapid Assault Tools

Rapid Assault Tools was established in 2002 to develop and produce high quality equipment for military and law enforcement operators. We listen
to concerns and suggestions from those in the industry about existing equipment and asked how we could make their job safer and more efficient.

The result became Rapid Assault Tools brand product.

Our breaching tools and tactical ladders have been developed for mobility, ease of use and dependability. We have engineered this equipment knowing that in this fast paced environment there is no substitution for high quality products that meet the demands of real world use.

Our training aids have been designed for repeated, realistic forced entry training with little or no consumables. Our doors and windows are completely reusable for almost every scenario which results in very low operational costs. If you do not see what you are looking for please ask us. We have designed many specialty doors, windows and gates for specific missions.

Our commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction is paramount to our company’s core beliefs. We welcome your feedback and will pledge our support to ensure that when you purchase Rapid Assault Tools products, you have purchased the finest equipment available.

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