Sirchie is the Global Leader in Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science Solutions; providing quality Products, Vehicles, and Training to the global law enforcement and forensic science communities.

Sirchie manufacture high-quality criminal investigation, tactical, surveillance, and other police-related solutions including customized special purpose vehicles.  Sirchie deliver industry-leading training for public safety, medical, and education communities featuring hands-on learning techniques. Sirchie customers make communities safer by using Sirchie solutions to respond, investigate, analyze, support, and educate.All levels of government, law enforcement, corrections, medical systems, educational institutions, security firms, corporations, and more use Sirchie solutions to help Command Every Scene 

Training (and Table of Contents) 10 Pages
Latent Print Development 94 Pages
RUVIS Systems 14 Pages
Alternate Light Sources 20 Pages
Evidence Packaging, Labeling, & Sealing 30 Pages
Personal Protective Equipment 12 Pages
Crime Scene Documentation & Photography 46 Pages
Evidence Collection & Tool Kits 20 Pages
Physiological Specimen & DNA Collection 18 Pages
Blood Search, ID, & Enhancement 14 Pages
Gun Shot Residue, Serial Number Restoration, & Trace Metal Detection 8 Pages
NARK Presumptive Drug Analysis 8 Pages
TIre, Tool, Footwear Casting & Impressions 20 Pages
Ductless Fume Hoods, Drying Cabinets & Forensic Workstations 12 Pages
Fingerprint Taking 44 Pages
Magnifiers & Comparators 18 Pages
Digital Forensics 6 Pages
Theft & Fraud Detection 16 Pages
Vehicles 24 Pages
Lab Equipment, Premier Crown, Product Index, & Part Number Index 22 Pages
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