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VTS Training Stress Shock Knife SK02 2 Knife Package Rechargeable in Carry Case

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VTS Training Shock Knife is an electric control training knife with high voltage shock function, which used for military and police personnel training. This product has high voltage arc at the edge of the blade when it is activated.

VTS Training Shock Knife Features

Electric Shock - Press the electric shock button and it will perform high voltage arc, which greatly enhances the sense of reality during practical training.

Rechargeable - With general charging interface, convenient and practical to use.

Safety protection - With safety switch at the end of handle, safe and easy to use.

VTS Training Shock Knife Specifications

Dimension  280mm*55mm*41mm
Weight 150g
Output Voltage 6-10KV
Output Current <5mA
Pulse Frequency 10-30HZ(PPS)
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery
Operation Temperature -20ºC-55ºC


Click here to download the VTS Training Shock Knife Specsheet