Vertx Belt Adaptor Panel (BAP) Tactigami

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Experience the unique carry option of Vertx Tactigami with the BAP. BAP stands for Belt Adapter Panel, which is our patent pending accessory piece developed specifically to work with standard holsters and MOLLE accessories for completely customized carry of gear. Built from Velcro One-Wrap, our BAP enables users to attach standard accessories to their belt, or use flat and attach to loop platform if desired.

Features of Vertx Belt Adaptor Panel (BAP) Tactigami

  • Constructed of Velcro One Wrap
  • Folds to 1.5 wide
  • Allows you to use your current holster carry holster with 1.5 belt loops
  • Capable of sliding through most belt loop accessories, such as holsters, mag pouches, baton holders, etc.