Sirchie NARK Modified Cobalt-Thiocyanate Reagent (Cocaine Freebase/Crack) 10 Pack

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The modified version of the Cobalt Thiocyanate is a more specific field test for Cocaine and will distinguish between Cocaine HCl and Cocaine Base. Cocaine HCl will develop a Blue solution in the 1st ampoule as well as a sticky Blue residue adhering to the inside of the tube. The 2nd ampoule will remain Blue. No base caines (procaine;dibucaine;tetracine) will develop the sticky blue residue in the 1st ampoule. Cocaine Base will not dissolve in the 1st ampoule and will develop a Pink solution with Blue adhering to the particles of Cocaine Base introduced to the tube. 10 tests/box.

Like all our NARK narcotic field tests, the Modified Cobalt Thiocyanate Reagent is meant for presumptive field drug testing.

Special Considerations

  • Restricted to LEO
  • HAZMAT Shipping Charge

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