Safariland Model 79 Slimline Open Top Double Magazine Pouch Belt Loop Black

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The Model 79 Slim Line Open-Top Double Magazine Pouch Is Designed To Carry Two Magazines On A 2.25 In. (58 Mm) Duty Belt. The Magazines Are Oriented Face Out To Save Space On The Belt. It'S Constructed Of Rugged Safarilaminate And Is Available In Several Scuff-Resistant Finishes With Four Different Closures.

Safariland 79-383-2
UPC: 781602482844
Glock 20,Plain
Glock 21,Plain
H&K UPS .45,Plain
Para Ordance P-14 .45,Plain
Para Ordance P-14 9mm,Plain
Para Ordance P-16 LDA,Plain
Springfield XD .45,Plain
STI/SVI STI Tactical,Plain

Safariland 79-383-4
UPC: 781602482875
Glock 20,Basket Weave
Glock 21,Basket Weave
H&K UPS .45,Basket Weave
Para Ordance P-14 .45,Basket Weave
Para Ordance P-14 9mm,Basket Weave
Para Ordance P-16 LDA,Basket Weave
Springfield XD .45,Basket Weave
STI/SVI STI Tactical,Basket Weave

Safariland 79-383-9
UPC: 781602482882
Glock 20,Hi-Gloss
Glock 21,Hi-Gloss
H&K UPS .45,Hi-Gloss
Para Ordance P-14 .45,Hi-Gloss
Para Ordance P-14 9mm,Hi-Gloss
Para Ordance P-16 LDA,Hi-Gloss
Springfield XD .45,Hi-Gloss
STI/SVI STI Tactical,Hi-Gloss

Safariland 79-53-2
UPC: 781602484152
AMT Hardballer,Plain
Beretta 92DM,Plain
Beretta 92FCM,Plain
Beretta 92FM,Plain
Colt Combat Elite,Plain
Colt Commander,Plain
Colt Delta Elite,Plain
Colt Gold Cup National Match,Plain
Colt Gold Cup,Plain
Colt Government 1911,Plain
Colt Officers .45,Plain
Kimber KIP45CUS,Plain
Sig Sauer P220,Plain
Sig Sauer P220R Compact,Plain
Sig Sauer P220R,Plain
Sig Sauer P220ST,Plain
Smith & Wesson 1006,Plain
Smith & Wesson 1026,Plain
Smith & Wesson 1046,Plain
Smith & Wesson 1066,Plain
Smith & Wesson 1076,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4506,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4506-1 Version II,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4513TSW,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4516-1,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4516-2,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4526,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4536,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4546,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4553TSW,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4556,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4563TSW,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4566,Plain
Smith & Wesson 457,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4576,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4583TSW,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4586TSW,Plain

Safariland 79-53-4
UPC: 781602484183
AMT Hardballer,Basket Weave
Beretta 92DM,Basket Weave
Beretta 92FCM,Basket Weave
Beretta 92FM,Basket Weave
Colt Combat Elite,Basket Weave
Colt Commander,Basket Weave
Colt Delta Elite,Basket Weave
Colt Gold Cup National Match,Basket Weave
Colt Gold Cup,Basket Weave
Colt Government 1911,Basket Weave
Colt Officers .45,Basket Weave
Kimber KIP45CUS,Basket Weave
Sig Sauer P220,Basket Weave
Sig Sauer P220R Compact,Basket Weave
Sig Sauer P220R,Basket Weave
Sig Sauer P220ST,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 1006,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 1026,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 1046,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 1066,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 1076,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4506,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4506-1 Version II,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4513TSW,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4516-1,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4516-2,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4526,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4536,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4546,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4553TSW,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4556,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4563TSW,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4566,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 457,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4576,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4583TSW,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4586TSW,Basket Weave

Safariland 79-53-9
UPC: 781602484190
AMT Hardballer,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 92DM,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 92FCM,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 92FM,Hi-Gloss
Colt Combat Elite,Hi-Gloss
Colt Commander,Hi-Gloss
Colt Delta Elite,Hi-Gloss
Colt Gold Cup National Match,Hi-Gloss
Colt Gold Cup,Hi-Gloss
Colt Government 1911,Hi-Gloss
Colt Officers .45,Hi-Gloss
Kimber KIP45CUS,Hi-Gloss
Sig Sauer P220,Hi-Gloss
Sig Sauer P220R Compact,Hi-Gloss
Sig Sauer P220R,Hi-Gloss
Sig Sauer P220ST,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 1006,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 1026,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 1046,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 1066,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 1076,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4506,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4506-1 Version II,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4513TSW,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4516-1,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4516-2,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4526,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4536,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4546,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4553TSW,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4556,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4563TSW,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4566,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 457,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4576,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4583TSW,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4586TSW,Hi-Gloss

Safariland 79-76-2
UPC: 781602483865
Beretta 8000,Plain
Beretta 8040,Plain
Beretta 90 Two,Plain
Beretta 92D,Plain
Beretta 92DS,Plain
Beretta 92F,Plain
Beretta 92FC,Plain
Beretta 92FCDA,Plain
Beretta 92FS Centurion,Plain
Beretta 92FS,Plain
Beretta 92G,Plain
Beretta 92SD,Plain
Beretta 96,Plain
Beretta 96D,Plain
Beretta 96DC,Plain
Beretta 96DS,Plain
Beretta 96G SD,Plain
Beretta 96G,Plain
Beretta Brigadier 92,Plain
Beretta Brigadier 92D,Plain
Beretta Brigadier 92FS,Plain
Beretta Brigadier 96D,Plain
Beretta Brigadier 96G,Plain
Beretta Centurion 96,Plain
Browning BDM 9mm,Plain
FNP FNX .40,Plain
FNP FNX 9mm,Plain
H&K P2000 12 Rds.,Plain
H&K P2000 16 Rds.,Plain
H&K P7M13,Plain
Ruger P91DAO,Plain
Ruger P91DC,Plain
Ruger KP-95 DAO,Plain
Ruger KP89 DAO,Plain
Ruger KP89 DAOW,Plain
Ruger KP89,Plain
Ruger KP89DC,Plain
Ruger KP89DW,Plain
Ruger KP89DW,Plain
Ruger KP89W,Plain
Ruger KP91DAO,Plain
Ruger KP91DC,Plain
Ruger KP95D Decock,Plain
Ruger P-89,Plain
Ruger P-94,Plain
Ruger P85,Plain
Ruger P89,Plain
Ruger P89DC,Plain
Ruger P89W,Plain
Ruger P89W,Plain
Ruger P95D,Plain
Sig Sauer P226,Plain
Sig Sauer P228,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4006,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4013TSW,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4026,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4046,Plain
Smith & Wesson 4053TSW,Plain
Smith & Wesson 410,Plain
Smith & Wesson 459,Plain
Smith & Wesson 469,Plain
Smith & Wesson 59,Plain
Smith & Wesson 5903,Plain
Smith & Wesson 5904,Plain
Smith & Wesson 5906,Plain
Smith & Wesson 5923,Plain
Smith & Wesson 5924,Plain
Smith & Wesson 5926,Plain
Smith & Wesson 5946,Plain
Smith & Wesson 659,Plain
Smith & Wesson 669,Plain
Smith & Wesson 6904,Plain
Smith & Wesson 6906,Plain
Smith & Wesson 6924,Plain
Smith & Wesson 6926,Plain
Smith & Wesson 6946,Plain
Smith & Wesson 910,Plain
Smith & Wesson 910,Plain
Smith & Wesson 915,Plain
Sphinx 9mm,Plain
Springfield XD .40,Plain
Springfield XD 9mm,Plain
Taurus PT-101,Plain
Taurus PT92,Plain
Taurus PT92C,Plain
Taurus PT99,Plain
Taurus PT99C,Plain
Walther P99C QA,Plain

Safariland 79-76-4
UPC: 781602483896
Beretta 8000,Basket Weave
Beretta 8040,Basket Weave
Beretta 90 Two,Basket Weave
Beretta 92D,Basket Weave
Beretta 92DS,Basket Weave
Beretta 92F,Basket Weave
Beretta 92FC,Basket Weave
Beretta 92FCDA,Basket Weave
Beretta 92FS Centurion,Basket Weave
Beretta 92FS,Basket Weave
Beretta 92G,Basket Weave
Beretta 92SD,Basket Weave
Beretta 96,Basket Weave
Beretta 96D,Basket Weave
Beretta 96DC,Basket Weave
Beretta 96DS,Basket Weave
Beretta 96G SD,Basket Weave
Beretta 96G,Basket Weave
Beretta Brigadier 92,Basket Weave
Beretta Brigadier 92D,Basket Weave
Beretta Brigadier 92FS,Basket Weave
Beretta Brigadier 96D,Basket Weave
Beretta Brigadier 96G,Basket Weave
Beretta Centurion 96,Basket Weave
Browning BDM 9mm,Basket Weave
FNP FNX .40,Basket Weave
FNP FNX 9mm,Basket Weave
H&K P2000 12 Rds.,Basket Weave
H&K P2000 16 Rds.,Basket Weave
H&K P7M13,Basket Weave
Ruger P91DAO,Basket Weave
Ruger P91DC,Basket Weave
Ruger KP-95 DAO,Basket Weave
Ruger KP89 DAO,Basket Weave
Ruger KP89 DAOW,Basket Weave
Ruger KP89,Basket Weave
Ruger KP89DC,Basket Weave
Ruger KP89DW,Basket Weave
Ruger KP89DW,Basket Weave
Ruger KP89W,Basket Weave
Ruger KP91DAO,Basket Weave
Ruger KP91DC,Basket Weave
Ruger KP95D Decock,Basket Weave
Ruger P-89,Basket Weave
Ruger P-94,Basket Weave
Ruger P85,Basket Weave
Ruger P89,Basket Weave
Ruger P89DC,Basket Weave
Ruger P89W,Basket Weave
Ruger P89W,Basket Weave
Ruger P95D,Basket Weave
Sig Sauer P226,Basket Weave
Sig Sauer P228,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4006,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4013TSW,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4026,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4046,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 4053TSW,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 410,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 459,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 469,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 59,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 5903,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 5904,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 5906,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 5923,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 5924,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 5926,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 5946,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 659,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 669,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 6904,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 6906,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 6924,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 6926,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 6946,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 910,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 910,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson 915,Basket Weave
Sphinx 9mm,Basket Weave
Springfield XD .40,Basket Weave
Springfield XD 9mm,Basket Weave
Taurus PT-101,Basket Weave
Taurus PT92,Basket Weave
Taurus PT92C,Basket Weave
Taurus PT99,Basket Weave
Taurus PT99C,Basket Weave
Walther P99C QA,Basket Weave

Safariland 79-76-9
UPC: 781602483919
Beretta 8000,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 8040,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 90 Two,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 92D,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 92DS,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 92F,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 92FC,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 92FCDA,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 92FS Centurion,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 92FS,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 92G,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 92SD,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 96,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 96D,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 96DC,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 96DS,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 96G SD,Hi-Gloss
Beretta 96G,Hi-Gloss
Beretta Brigadier 92,Hi-Gloss
Beretta Brigadier 92D,Hi-Gloss
Beretta Brigadier 92FS,Hi-Gloss
Beretta Brigadier 96D,Hi-Gloss
Beretta Brigadier 96G,Hi-Gloss
Beretta Centurion 96,Hi-Gloss
Browning BDM 9mm,Hi-Gloss
FNP FNX .40,Hi-Gloss
FNP FNX 9mm,Hi-Gloss
H&K P2000 12 Rds.,Hi-Gloss
H&K P2000 16 Rds.,Hi-Gloss
H&K P7M13,Hi-Gloss
Ruger P91DAO,Hi-Gloss
Ruger P91DC,Hi-Gloss
Ruger KP-95 DAO,Hi-Gloss
Ruger KP89 DAO,Hi-Gloss
Ruger KP89 DAOW,Hi-Gloss
Ruger KP89,Hi-Gloss
Ruger KP89DC,Hi-Gloss
Ruger KP89DW,Hi-Gloss
Ruger KP89DW,Hi-Gloss
Ruger KP89W,Hi-Gloss
Ruger KP91DAO,Hi-Gloss
Ruger KP91DC,Hi-Gloss
Ruger KP95D Decock,Hi-Gloss
Ruger P-89,Hi-Gloss
Ruger P-94,Hi-Gloss
Ruger P85,Hi-Gloss
Ruger P89,Hi-Gloss
Ruger P89DC,Hi-Gloss
Ruger P89W,Hi-Gloss
Ruger P89W,Hi-Gloss
Ruger P95D,Hi-Gloss
Sig Sauer P226,Hi-Gloss
Sig Sauer P228,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4006,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4013TSW,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4026,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4046,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 4053TSW,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 410,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 459,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 469,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 59,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 5903,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 5904,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 5906,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 5923,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 5924,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 5926,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 5946,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 659,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 669,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 6904,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 6906,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 6924,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 6926,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 6946,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 910,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 910,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson 915,Hi-Gloss
Sphinx 9mm,Hi-Gloss
Springfield XD .40,Hi-Gloss
Springfield XD 9mm,Hi-Gloss
Taurus PT-101,Hi-Gloss
Taurus PT92,Hi-Gloss
Taurus PT92C,Hi-Gloss
Taurus PT99,Hi-Gloss
Taurus PT99C,Hi-Gloss
Walther P99C QA,Hi-Gloss

Safariland 79-83-2
UPC: 781602480673
Beretta Cougar 8045F,Plain
Glock 17,Plain
Glock 19,Plain
Glock 22,Plain
Glock 23,Plain
Glock 25,Plain
Glock 31,Plain
Glock 32,Plain
Glock 34,Plain
Glock 35,Plain
H&K USP .40,Plain
H&K USP 9mm,Plain
H&K USP Compact .40,Plain
H&K USP Compact 9mm,Plain
Ruger SR9,Plain
Sig Sauer P229,Plain
Sig Sauer P229R DAKA (BH),Plain
Sig Sauer P229R DASA (SH),Plain
Sig Sauer SIG Pro SP2340,Plain
Smith & Wesson Sigma .40,Plain
Smith & Wesson Sigma 40C,Plain
Smith & Wesson Sigma 40F,Plain
Smith & Wesson Sigma 9C,Plain
Smith & Wesson Sigma 9E,Plain
Smith & Wesson Sigma 9mm,Plain
Smith & Wesson SW40V,Plain
Smith & Wesson SW99 .40,Plain
Smith & Wesson SW99 .45,Plain
Smith & Wesson SW99 9mm,Plain
Smith & Wesson SW99,Plain
Smith & Wesson SW9V,Plain
Springfield XDM .40,Plain
Springfield XDM 9mm,Plain

Safariland 79-83-4
UPC: 781602480697
Beretta Cougar 8045F,Basket Weave
Glock 17,Basket Weave
Glock 19,Basket Weave
Glock 22,Basket Weave
Glock 23,Basket Weave
Glock 25,Basket Weave
Glock 31,Basket Weave
Glock 32,Basket Weave
Glock 34,Basket Weave
Glock 35,Basket Weave
H&K USP .40,Basket Weave
H&K USP 9mm,Basket Weave
H&K USP Compact .40,Basket Weave
H&K USP Compact 9mm,Basket Weave
Ruger SR9,Basket Weave
Sig Sauer P229,Basket Weave
Sig Sauer P229R DAKA (BH),Basket Weave
Sig Sauer P229R DASA (SH),Basket Weave
Sig Sauer SIG Pro SP2340,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson Sigma .40,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson Sigma 40C,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson Sigma 40F,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson Sigma 9C,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson Sigma 9E,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson Sigma 9mm,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson SW40V,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson SW99 .40,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson SW99 .45,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson SW99 9mm,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson SW99,Basket Weave
Smith & Wesson SW9V,Basket Weave
Springfield XDM .40,Basket Weave
Springfield XDM 9mm,Basket Weave

Safariland 79-83-9
UPC: 781602480703
Beretta Cougar 8045F,Hi-Gloss
Glock 17,Hi-Gloss
Glock 19,Hi-Gloss
Glock 22,Hi-Gloss
Glock 23,Hi-Gloss
Glock 25,Hi-Gloss
Glock 31,Hi-Gloss
Glock 32,Hi-Gloss
Glock 34,Hi-Gloss
Glock 35,Hi-Gloss
H&K USP .40,Hi-Gloss
H&K USP 9mm,Hi-Gloss
H&K USP Compact .40,Hi-Gloss
H&K USP Compact 9mm,Hi-Gloss
Ruger SR9,Hi-Gloss
Sig Sauer P229,Hi-Gloss
Sig Sauer P229R DAKA (BH),Hi-Gloss
Sig Sauer P229R DASA (SH),Hi-Gloss
Sig Sauer SIG Pro SP2340,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson Sigma .40,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson Sigma 40C,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson Sigma 40F,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson Sigma 9C,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson Sigma 9E,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson Sigma 9mm,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson SW40V,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson SW99 .40,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson SW99 .45,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson SW99 9mm,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson SW99,Hi-Gloss
Smith & Wesson SW9V,Hi-Gloss
Springfield XDM .40,Hi-Gloss
Springfield XDM 9mm,Hi-Gloss