Real Avid Gun Boss AR15


Big functionality in a small rugged package that easily fits into a pack or range bag. A chamber brush, carbon picks and star chamber pads help to clean more than the bore and keep your bolt cycling smoothly. No annoying loose parts. Smartly organized, each brush, pick, jag, patch, pad and rod is held securely in place. Rod based for easier cleaning. This sets the standard for a portable AR15 cleaning kit.

Features of

  • Star chamber cleaning pads
  • 7 threaded, coated steel rod sections with rotating tip combine to form a 33″ rod
  • Bolt carrier group brush
  • Cleaning patches
  • Straight cleaning pick
  • Angled cleaning pick
  • Nylon slotted tip
  • 5.56/.223 bore brush, phosphor bronze bristles
  • Star chamber brush
  • T-handle
  • 3-in-1 illuminator / pin punch / safety flag
  • Compact, weather resistant, zippered case with ballistic nylon shell