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Real Avid Accu-Grip Picks & Brushes

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For years gun owners have been relying on homemade tools to clean the crud out of the deepest crevices of their firearms. We created a superior line of picks and brushes that gives you complete control when cleaning hard to reach areas, comfortably fits in your hand and most importantly – won’t damage your firearm. Put away the toothpicks and duct tape and use tools that were designed for the job.

Superior Line of Ergonomic Brushes

    • Angled phosphor bronze brush for hard to reach spots
    • Hybrid nylon & phosphor bronz brush reduces splaying
    • Grooves for better grip
    • Lengths 8” to 8-1/4”
    • Narrow bronze phosphor brush
    • Nylon brush
    • Rigid engineering resin