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Project Black TR2 Tactical Respirator

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THE TR2 SETS A NEW STANDARD IN TACTICAL RESPIRATORY PROTECTION. Developed in collaboration with Tier 1 operators, it provides a better means of protection while training in compromised environments.

Today’s special operations forces understand the importance of protecting their lungs – however, they cannot afford to compromise their ability to execute effectively. This is the foundation upon which the TR2 was designed. By offering a low profile design that’s easy to don and integrates seamlessly with varying kit configurations, the TR2 is the most adoptable respirator for tactical units.

It is proven to be range-ready through hours of active testing with special forces operators. It is more compact, comfortable, and breathable than any other respirator. If you are a special forces operator, SWAT officer, or from another tactical unit, the Tactical Respirator II is the best defense your lungs have.


  • No Training Scars
    • Low profile minimizes cheek-weld interference
    • Low-riding seal is eyewear compatible
  • Superior Field Performance
    • 99% Filter Effectiveness
    • Very breathable even during strenuous activity
    • Simple filter replacement
  • Designed for Configurability
    • Multiple strap options for varying kit setups
    • Compatible with Invisio® headsets
    • Mic integration for Peltor® headsets
  • Comfortable for Extended Use
    • Soft-touch medical-grade silicone
    • Works well with facial hair