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PPSS Stab Resistant Body Armour offers dependable, operationally sound and thoroughly field tested levels of protection from all types of edged weapons.

Made from a high performance carbon fibre composite, our ‘new generation’ stab resistant body armour are truly ground-breaking. They have been designed to provide you with internationally certified levels of stab, spike, needle and impact protection from knives, machetes, meat cleavers, shanks, hypodermic needles and blunt objects.

Blunt force trauma injuries are typically associated to kicks, punches or blows from any type of blunt object. It is the by far most likely type of assault a homeland security or private security professional will suffer from.

PPSS Stab and Impact resistant body armour introduces their next generation of stab resistant body armour that not only provides protection against knife attacks and stabbings but now affords protection from spikes, needles, improvised weapons and blunt force trauma – all officially tested and certified in accordance with international standards.

No other stab resistant body armour offers this degree of protection; the real protection levels needed when confronted with the real threats of today.  PPSS manufacture their stab resistant body armour to mitigate the risks faced from not only their own front-line experience but from yours too.

Features and Benefits of PPSS Covert Stab Vests

  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Protects all the vital organs
  • Ergonomically cast for comfort and fit
  • Redesigned for quick donning
  • Will not degrade unlike other body armour materials
  • Improved, advanced materials that will withstand impact from today’s realistic threats

    Who is this product suitable for?

    Our stab resistant body armour is suitable for anyone who may be confronted with, or faced with dealing with violence and aggression, particularly those working in the
    following front-line professions:

    • Healthcare Security
    • University Security
    • Local Government Enforcement
    • Corrections
    • Borders Agencies
    • Facilities Management
    • Private Security Companies
    • Door Supervisors
    • Parking Enforcement Officers
    • Court Security
    • Public Transport
    • Shopping Centre Security
    • Airport Security
    • Stadiums Security
    • Public Attraction Security Teams
    • Revenue Collection Officers
    • Eviction Officers
    • and any other profession where a covert security presence is deemed appropriate

    Specifications of Covert Stab Vests by PPSS

    Protective Panel:

    3.6mm thin Fortiply, our advanced carbon fibre composite

    Outer Cover:

    Extremely durable and of extreme quality our covers are made a high grade nylon; featuring our high-tech spacer fabric providing the ultimate level of comfort and allowing cool air to circulate around the body.

    Fully adjustable hook & loop side and shoulder fastenings. Minimalistic design to allow for covert use without protrusions whilst maintaining maximum appropriate levels of protection.

    Protection Levels (panels):

    PPSS STab Vest Australia Stab Protection Vest

    S – 3XL (‘Wide’ fitting also available at no additional cost)

    Weight (inc' panel)
    1.75kg (based on size ‘Large’)

    Care & Maintenance
    Panel easily removed to allow for machine washing of outer cover


    Place of Manufacture
    United Kingdom

    PPSS Stab Resistant Vest Needle