Maglite Accessory Pack for Maglite D Cell Flashlights

MagLite ASXX376 MagLite D-Cell Flashlight Accessory Pack Product Info

MagLite D-Cell Flashlight Accessory Kit Includes:

  • Colored Lens Set - The red lens is used to help maintain "night vision." General applications include: aircraft, boats, ships, military operations, police and security work. The blue lens helps penetrate through smoke and fog.
  • Mag Instrument Mounting Brackets (Fit D-Cell Only) - Mount your Mag-Lite® flashlight on a wall, in a vehicle, boat, airplane or home.
  • Lens Holder / Anti-Roll Device - This item both retains a colored lens and helps prevent the flashlight from rolling off irregular surfaces.

Note: The Lens Holder and Lenses may also be used on "C" cell Mag-Lite® flashlights.
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