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Dummies Unlimited Poly-Flex Forensic Mannequin

Poly-Flex mannequins are ideal realistic figures for research and investigations.Poly-Flex are made of a soft, lightweight foam that has a protective skin coating and weighs approx. 15 lbs. What makes Poly Flex so unique is its structural, yet flexible frame. Poly-Flex have appendages just like a human.

Poly-Flex forensic mannequins are ideal for "on the scene" investigative work to replace an injured or deceased victim. By placing the dummy in the same anatomical position that the victim was found, valuable evidence, bullet, or other weapon trajectories may still be determined. The use of a 3-D anatomical model adds valuable information to an investigation even after the victim has been removed from the scene!

Poly-Flex forensic mannequins are ideal in coroner's office to recreate crime scene investigations, months after the incident occurred. Poly-Flex forensic mannequins are also ideal in the court room as a visual aid because family members of a deceased victim do not like to see their loved ones in graphic photographs. A generic 3-D mannequin can simulate that individual to present the same evidence. Poly-Flex forensic mannequins are available as an adult male or adult female. 36" wires are available with all forensic dummies to aid in determining bullet trajectory by referencing entrance and exit points.


1 Adult Mannequin, Standing Base Plate, Carry Bag, Bullet Trajectory Kit. (These are the typical items that most customers order with each mannequin.)


Poly-FlexSpecs: 6'2", 15 lbs. | Ship Size: 71x10x16, 25 lbs.

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