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Dummies Unlimited 3D Firearm Target Less Lethal Larry Including Free Standing Base

Finally, Law Enforcement and Military Agencies have a Realistic 3-D Human Featured Target for Less Lethal Ballistics Training

Realistic & Durable

Less Lethal Larry stands 6'-1" tall and stimulates a real human figure. Lethal larry is constructed of a unique poly vinyl compound that is extremely durable, yet flexible enough to absorb impact energy from a variety of Less Lethal Ballistics. As LL rounds have become more accurate in recent years, agencies now have the capability of targeting extremities instead of just center mass. Less Lethal Larry's full human figure is as realistic as it gets to maximize your Less Lethal training requirements.

3D Training Capabilities

With Less Lethal Larry's Full Body appearance, agencies no longer have to shoot perpendicular to a target. As part of a realistic Less Lethal Firearms Training program, many agencies routinely take shots from 30 degrees, 0, and 45 degrees from right and left positions which simulates realistic "Contact and Cover" training. This can only be performed on a realistic and durable 3-D target like Less Lethal Larry.

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