Condor Knee Pad Insert Black 2pc/Pack

The Condor Knee Pad Insert is designed specifically for our Tac-Ops Pants (101077) and our Paladin Tactical Pants (101200). It provides great impact protection against hard surfaces while maintaining comfort and pliability to form to your movement.

Features and Specifications of Condor Knee Pad Insert 

    • Durable, lightweight, and high density foam material
    • Custom shape to remain pliable and form with movement
    • Compatible with our Tac-Ops Pants (101077) and Paladin Tactical Pants (101200)
    • Imported
    • Size: 9"H x 6"W" 3/8 Inch thickness that tapers towards edges
    • Count: 2 per pack
    • Available in: Black (002)