CodeRED Molded Earpiece

Available in small, medium or large size for both left and right ears. Made from hypoallergenic clear light pink silicone plastic.

This silicone semi custom Ear mold is comfortable and can be worn for extended periods of time. Contoured to fit your ear for a snug fit and stays in place even with aggressive head movement. Allows user to hear ambient noises. A must have when comfort and safety are important.

Stay connected to teammates and central command without being disconnected from the surrounding environment by using the Molded Earpiece from CodeRED. The CodeRED molded earpiece is designed using the latest in audio technology to ensure clear communication that does not block the ambient sounds surrounding the users. Specialized vents allow the wearer to hear approaching cars, peripheral conversations and other important environmental sounds while still delivering crystal clear radio communication. The earpiece is anatomically molded to match the natural shape and contours of the ear, resulting in a secure and reliable fit that feels like nothing is there at all. Available in multiple sizes for both the right and left ears, the earpiece is sure to accommodate every user regardless of size or shape.

Item Specs

  • Vented design preserves ability to hear ambient sounds
  • Anatomically molded for a comfortable and secure fit
  • High-grade stereo system provides superior audio quality
  • Low-profile construction offers discreet use
  • Available for both ears to accommodate all users