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The Blade-Tech Mod-Lok™ OWB Belt-Lok Mod™ offers two different configurations for outside the waistband carry, maximizing its versatility. Altering which sides the Mods are attached to can further separate the firearm from your body or bring it closer to you. As part of our Mod-Lok™ System, you can pair them with any of our other Holster-Mods™ for an unmatched level of adjustability and variation. No matter what your carry preference is, you will be covered with our versatile Mod-Lok™ System.


The Belt-Lok Mod™ can be used with all Mod-Lok™ equipt holsters.

Precision Molded Design
Produced with high-strength, heat resistant polymer and designed for a superior fit.

Auto-Locking Capability
The Mod-Lok™ provides an audible click when every Mod is properly inserted providing reassurance that your holster is secure.


2x  Belt Cant Mods