Arrowhead Forensics


Arrowhead Forensics Streamlight Twin Task 3C-UV LED

Size Guide
This UV light source kit features a machined aluminum flashlight with LED lights for unmatched brightness and exceptionally long run times. This non-rechargeable light does not suffer from diminished battery power after extended lack of use and is ideal for both field and lab use. Powered by 3 "C" batteries, there’s no down time if the power runs out. It also allows for the detection and photography of body fluids, fluorescent powders, dye stains, and trace evidence. The flashlight has 6, 390nm UV LEDs and 1 center White LED.

Twin Task Flashlight Only
  • Six 390nm UV LEDs with 100,000 hour lifetime.
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate lens.
  • 3 modes:
    C4 LED – 185 Lumens, 27 hours runtime
    6 UV LED – 40mW, 63 hours runtime
    3 UV LED - 30mW, 81 hours runtime