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Arrowhead Forensics PathFinder Electrostatic Dust Lifter Kit

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PathFinder provides a crime scene investigator the ability to retrieve valuable evidence where photography and conventional adhesive lifting tape would be ineffective. This device lifts dust prints off of floors, carpet, upholstery, and even human skin. The PathFinder is small, lightweight, and battery operated, allowing the CSI to lift a footwear print virtually anywhere. First, place the metallized lifting film over the dust print. Next, place the grounding plate about 8" next to the film. Turn the PathFinder so that the two metal probes on the back are resting on the grounding plate and the single probe is resting on the film. Turn on the device and the film will suction down over the print. Gently brush over the film to remove any air bubbles. Last, lift and you have your dust print. Film purchased separately. Make it a kit! Everything you love about the Electrostatic Dust Lifter now enclosed in a sturdy plastic case. This kit includes everything you need to start lifting prints efficiently and effectively.

PathFinder Electrostatic Dustprint Lifter
Grounding Plate
Plastic Case