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Arrowhead Forensics Green Fluorescent Latent Fingerprint Powder - 16oz

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Fluorescent powders are used where a print is difficult to distinguish from its surface. Developed for use with any number of alternate light sources ranging from small 1-watt ultraviolet lights to multi-watt lasers, these powders work especially well on raw surfaces such as household woodwork, convenience store counters and multi-colored non-porous items where normal conventional powders may paint or clog the surface.

The colorants found in fluorescent powders are treated dyes which react to UV and purple/blue bands in the visible light spectrum, typical for crime scene work. The hues of the powders can be matched to the color of the surface processed and the wavelength of the light source being used. This coupling will help flatten or eliminate any background interference that may occur from the surface coloration or contaminants. Packaged in a polypropylene, shatter-resistant, jar.

16oz Green Fluorescent Latent Fingerprint Powder