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Arrowhead Forensics Adult Heavy Duty Scrim Handled Bag - 36" x 94" - Envelope Style Zipper

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The scrim body bags are constructed of two layers of chlorine-free (cremation safe), heavy strength PE sheets heat molded over a scrim skeleton for strength and durability. An independent 8mil inner liner provides a second layer of protection. The envelope style zipper allows for easy loading and are internally backed for extra leak prevention. You won't find a bag on the market that leaks less often. The bag material will maintain its integrity in cold conditions. These bags are used exclusively by several large Coroner/ME facilities. Each bag comes with a forensic accessory kit. All bags come with adhesive pouch containing single-use security lock, identification band and permanent marker. Numbered lock provides chain-of-custody from scene to autopsy

Size: 36 x 94
Envelope Style Zipper