911 Rescue Tool

911 Rescue Tool Hoffman Design Cut Down Tool

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The Hoffman Design 911 Rescue Cut Down Tool is the most widely used cut down tool for Correctional Facilities, Youth Justice Facilities, Hospitals, Police Watchhouse and Jails and Immigration Detention Centers.

The Hoffman Design 911 Rescue Knife Tool and Seat Belt Cutter with its safe and easy operational design is the most popular and widely used tool used by paramedics, correctional services, fire and rescue teams and medical personnel Australia wide. The Pacific Cutlery 911 rescue knife allows for safe and quick cutting of most fabrics and fibrous restraints, including, leather, ropes and electrical cords etc.

The Hoffman Design 911 Rescue Knife Tool and Seat Belt Cutter once opened will not close on the operators hand due to the safe rear lockbar mechanism design which holds the blade firmly in place. The blade can be easily returned to its closed form once the rear lockbar mechanism is fully depressed.

The stainless steel curved blade with its sharp inner cutting edge allows for maximum safety to both the operator and injured victims, it will not slash or stab and cannot be used as a weapon.

The knife can be carried utilising the rear secure stainless steel lanyard hole or via the handy belt sheath provided. This pouch has the ability to fit up to 58mm belts both vertically and horizontally whilst keeping it securely retained during dynamic confrontations.

Key Features of Hoffman Design 911 Rescue Knife Tool and Seat Belt Cutter

  • Hole in rear of knife to attach lanyard
  • Curved blade with sharp inner cutting edge 
  • Locking blade with rear lockbar mechanism 
  • Moulded rubberised plastic handle for comfortable grip 
  • 2 way nylon sheath with secure velcro flap closure
  • Sheath fits up to 58mm - (2-1/4") belts vertically & horizontally
  • Curving blade will not slash or stab - can't be used as a weapon

Specs Hoffman Design 911 Rescue Knife Tool and Seat Belt Cutter

  • Weight: 155g
  • Blade length: 7cm 
  • Overall length: 18cm 
  • Blade style: Diamond hook cutting blade
  • Blade type: Curved inner sharp cutting edge
  • Blade material: 8A high carbon stainless steel rockwell C-57-60 hardness


1 x Hoffman Design 911 Rescue Knife Tool and Seat Belt Cutter - Black
1 x 2 way Nylon sheath with secure velcro closure 

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