5.11 Tactical


5.11 Tactical Hardpoint M3 Carabiner

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The Hardpoint M3 is by no means an ordinary Karabinerhaken. Nor is it your typical hardpoint or weapon station. No, the M3 is a stainless steel-bodied with teeth* and self-closing spring steel wire gates, sized to fit PALS webbing, HEXGRID® arrays, and similar load bearing platforms.

*They’re not actually teeth per se, they’re gimped edges for a significantly improved grip.

Features and Specifications of 5.11 Tactical Hardpoint M2 Carabiner
  • 3.3” X 2.26”
  • Attaches securely to load bearing platforms (MOLLE, HEXGRID)
  • Gimped edges for grip
  • Stainless steel body
  • 2 Self-closing wire gates
  • Not for climbing