5.11 Tactical Exo.K Gel Kneepad

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The 5.11 Tactical Exo.K Gel Kneepad was designed to take the brunt of the pressure on your knees and features a flexible, molded cap with built in traction and a flat surface for a stable, quiet platform, even on hard surfaces. An EVA gel core underneath the cap provides shock absorption for even more protection and a thick woven upper elastic strap and polypropylene lower strap offer a secure fit. The straps are adjustable and silent and stay in place without slipping, so you can forget about having to constantly adjust them.

Features and Specifications of 5.11 Tactical Exo.K Gel Kneepad

  • Secure non-slip buckles
  • Integrates with all 5.11 Pants
  • EVA cushioning with GEL core for extreme comfort
  • Articulating lower segment for optimal ergonomic fit
  • Dual density cap with textured grip surface for stability