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Ruhltech RTE Trainer Training Door

Ruhltech design and manufacture collapsible breaching tools, collapsible ladder systems, breaching doors, targets and vehicular systems.

Ruhl Tech Engineering is proud to announce the release of The Trainer the best multi use training breaching door available. This multi use door allows training with ramming, prying, sawing, hydraulic spreaders, glass breaking and raking, exothermic breaching, explosive and shotgun breaching. The Trainer uses SST (Spring Suspension Technology ) thereby changing antiquated breaching door components and consumables thereby guaranteeing improved and more efficient breaching training.

    Features and Specifications of Ruhltech RTE Trainer Training Door

    • Dimensions
      • Door Frame: 83.5" x 43" / 212.09cm x 109.22cm (Total including Top Door Hinge)
      • Standard Door: 78" x 34.5" / 198.12cm x 87.63cm
      • Base Overall: 47" x 71" / 119.38cm x 180.34cm
    • Weight: 675 lbs / 306.17 kg
    • Upper and Lower 6" x 6" AR Plate for High and Low Breaching
    • Removable Sliding Mid Section - Breaching section made of AR 500
    • 2" x 8" Wood for Explosive or Shotgun
    • Removable Jail Cell Bar Facade: Glass Channel for Rake and Brake: Easily replaceable AR 500 Panel for Exothermic Breaching
    • Located on Top of Door Frame is 4 hole points to put ¾ rebar for use with Exothermic Cutting and Quickie Saw
    • One Main Internal Hinge allows the door to swing both in and out, with removable stop that can be mounted on either side for inward and outward swing.
    • Facade Quick Assembly Dummy Hinges can be mounted on door for Front or Rear for use with Exothermic cutting, and Quickie Saw, and DetCord/Small Charge replacement. Door Stand bracing angled for better tactical entry and exit also can be removed from stand and can be used in any Shoot House or Breach Bay.