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COBRA Marine Boarding Ladder

The COBRA SQR Titanium Tactical Ladder / Pole offers easy covert access to vessels, rigs, decks, floors and buildings and is especially effective for use from RIBs. The COBRA SQR Tactical Ladder is also swimmable underwater.

The Apollo COBRA Tactical Ladder has implemented a unique coupling design called the SQR (Secure Quick Release) self locking mechanism that allows the user to connect and disconnect the ladder sections with absolute ease. Whether you are in dark or have no visibility underwater the SQR locking mechanism is simple to use.

The main features of the COBRA SQR Tactical Ladder climbing pole are:

  • A Modular Design
  • Long Reach: any number of sections can be joined together
  • Built from water tight superlight Titanium pipe (neutral weight in water)
  • 4 light Titanium steps for each section, equipped with hand protection hilts for safe climbing and descent
  • SQR (Secure Quick Release) self locking mechanism
  • Colour is battleship grey to blend well with both the ocean and the hull of a ship
  • Quiet Operation (Rollers and Optional rubber coated hooks)
  • Structural Titanium Hook
  • High Load Capacity of up to 1000kgs
  • Protective Hand Grips/Steps
  • Carries 4 – 6 Operators Simultaneously
  • Corrosion Resistant materials
  • Non-Magnetic (all Titanium)
  • Stable and Secure Deployment