Bulldog Tactical Equipment


Bulldog Equipment Bulldog Javelin CLU Kit ADF Approved Purchases Only

Size Guide

Product Description: (Each Kit Includes the Below Items)
1. Bulldog Rail Frame: (Aircraft Aluminum and 100% Weld Construction): Qty (2) SKU # BRF:1 Lb.
2. Bulldog Rail Platforms: Designed to support the Large Rucks and can be used to carry any heavy equipment.  Load Capacity 250 Lbs.  Qty (1) SKU #BRP
3. Shoulder Straps (With metal quick release clips): Qty (3) Pair. SKU# BRFSS: Custom designed shoulder straps designed to assist in distributing the load with a Rail Pack Frame: Qty (2) SKU: BRFWB
4. Tapered Waist Belts: Custom designed waist belt to assist in distributing the load with a Rail Pack Frame: Qty (2) SKU: BRFWB
5. Accessory Pouch / Hydration Pouch: This is an Ultra-Light Weight zippered pouch designed to carry all the extra accessories need while deploying the mortar system as well as a 100-ounce bladder. Qty (4) SKU# AP/HP
6. Jacket Pouch: Stuff Sack for the Level 7 Cold Weather Puffy Jacket: Qty (2) SKU#: B-CWJ: 8 Oz
7. 2 Day Assault Backpack Ultra-Light: A custom designed pack that can be mounted over the Mortar Tube, Base Plate or Tripod (Approx. 1250 Cubic Inches): Qty (1) SKU: B2DAP 12 Ounces
8. Bulldog Medium Ruck: (For the Assistant Gunner and Ammo Bearer) Design is based upon a Medium Alice Ruck but with major changes. Internal Molle Loops allow for Four Padded and Plastic Reinforced 84mm Single Round Pouches. Extreme Light Weight constructed with 500 Denier Cordura, (6) Enlarged pockets on Face, Claymore Pocket on the Face, Internal Bungee for organization, Modern Replaceable Fast Tacks. Qty (2) SKU: BMR 4.2 Lbs.
9. Bulldog Retention Bracket: These 2 Aluminum Brackets mount in any position to the Rail Frame, with an adjustable 24 Inch Rubber Strap that will hold a Carl Gustaf, Mortar Tube and Bipod, or Javelin and CLU onto the frame. Qty (2) SKU: CCC Weight 1.2 Lbs.
10. CBRN/MOPP Gear Pouches: Each Pouch will hold a single boot and either the XL Top or Bottom. Qty (4) SKU# CBRN
11. Ruck Cover:  Waterproof Cover that covers the ruck and its contents: Qty (2) SKU: RC
12. Spare Parts Kit: Qty (2) SKU: SPK
(6) Quasms
(6) 1-inch Male Fast Tacks
(6) Female Split Bars
(12) 1-inch Triglides