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Founded in 1986, U.S. Armor is firmly established as the most trusted name in body armor. We are a highly respected, major supplier to domestic and international armor markets. Our products are unmatched in comfort, quality and performance. U.S. Armor ballistic products can be found on elite Military units, along with Federal, State, and local Law Enforcement agencies throughout the world.

The Armellino family founded American Body Armor (ABA) in the late 1960’s as one of the first pioneers of soft body armor. Stephen’s father, Richard Armellino, held some of the first U.S. patents for this unique product that not only offered ballistic protection, but also the increased mobility needed for officers to move effectively in the field. The Armellino family sold ABA in 1984, but the original patterns first created by Stephen Armellino while working with his father Richard are still used throughout the entire body armor industry.

Today, U.S. Armor continues to create the most comfortable and technologically advanced ballistic products available. Our rapidly expanding client base includes: Law Enforcement, SWAT, DEA, Border Patrol, Correctional, Military, Rescue, and private security personnel just to name a few. An increasing number of international agencies are now choosing the comfort and quality of U.S. Armor products. We look forward to improving your experience on the job with our comfortable, high quality, and high performance ballistic products.

Why U.S. Armor

At U.S. Armor, we offer you more:

More comfort – our vests are custom fit to your body style, no standard sizing. Our ballistic materials are the lightest, most flexible and most breathable materials offered on the market. Your vest is going to fit properly and feel like no other body armor you have worn before.

More precision - we build your vest within 1/2” size increments in comparison to our competition’s standard sizing of 1” increments.

More time to choose – we offer a 60 day Custom Fit Guarantee to try on your vest and test its fit and comfort level. Our competition offers 30 days. Over 99% of our customers choose to keep their vests past the 60 day Custom Fit Guarantee time period.

More quality – U.S. Armor uses DuPont & Honeywell high performance ballistic materials in our armor blends and we maintain a “Preferred Partnership” with both companies. In addition to the materials we use, our state of the art 25,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and ballistic test range in Southern California has been ISO 9001:2008 certified. ISO is an international standardization organization, which ensures that the highest level of production methods and quality control procedures are in use every day.

More reliability – With over a quarter of a century in business, and over 40 years of body armor design and production experience, U.S. Armor is here to stay. You can feel safe knowing that the ballistic products we make are not only comfortable, but have stood the test of time. Our products are street tested and operator approved. In over 25 years of business, U.S. Armor has never had a vest failure, a vest recall, or a lawsuit on any of our products.

More choices – with over 35 different core products and an endless list of available custom features and accessories, U.S. Armor offers more selection and custom options than any other armor company. We have a Research and Development team working daily, and can provide a design flexibility that most of our competitors cannot offer. Don’t see the exact vest that you need in our catalog? Call us and set up an appointment with our Design Team. If you can dream it, we can build it!*

*Additional design, material, and/or labor fee may apply. Please call for details.

There are many choices out there when you look for body armor. When faced with the decision, what will you choose? A vest can only save a life if it is worn. Once you experience the difference of U.S. Armor, we know…you’ll wear it.

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