Smart Carry Concealment Holsters

SmartCarry holsters are hand made in the USA. Smart Carry Concealment Holsters are THE MOST comfortable, most invisible concealed holster on the market. You wear it in the front: standing, sitting or driving; it moves with you. We use a patented construction technique that eliminates snags when drawing and prevents moisture from reaching your weapon.

SmartCarry is America's #1 Concealed Carry Holster for a reason. When you need to draw your weapon, the last thing you want is for it to snag on the holster. That's why SmartCarry uses a patented technique to eliminate any seams in the pocket of the holster. To protect your gun from unwanted moisture, we use a special barrier fabric called Cushmax® in the construction of your holster.

The great thing about the SmartCarry ®­ holster is you are not confined to always wearing pants with a belt. The comfortable elastic waistband fully supports the weight of your gun so your pants don’t have to. Wear it in sweats or work-out clothes to the gym or park. You won’t have to be defenseless in any situation ever again and since it is so invisible you won’t be drawing any unwanted attention to your weapon either.

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