Illumitac Military Grade Light Sticks

Illumitac are Military Grade light products. Illumitac manufactures the very highest military grade chemical light products and are accepted as experts in worldwide military, tactical and safety chemical lighting products. AllIllumitac products are non toxic, non flammable, need no independent power source and are not affected in any way by weather conditions making them suitable for any situation when light is required.

Illumitac light sticks produce no heat, flame or spark’s, they can be immersed under water and are not affected by weather conditions so are one of the only light sources that are completely safe in all emergency circumstances, flood, gas, fire, mine etc.

The military and law enforcement units have used light sticks for years and they swear by the reliability, versatility and functionality that Illumiglow light sticks offer. This form of light production is dependable, highly versatile and lighter than any other style of light source making them easy to carry and conceal.

Illumitac Safety Standards

  • ISO9001 approved manufacturing
  • CE Approved, conform to rigid EN71 safety standards
  • Tested and adhere to NATO military specifications
  • Certified with MSDS
  • Meet and adhere to SOLAS regulations
  • NSN coded

Illumitac Mini Range
The Illumitac Mini Range includes small but effective 1.5", and 2" lightsticks that are ideal for marking evidence at a crime scene, breadcrumb trails, cockpit lighting and many other specialist uses for the commercial sector, law enforcement and military.

Illumitac Extreme Range
The Illumitac Extreme Range is our most popular including versatile 4" - 6" lightsticks, and a 7.5" wristband. These products work great for all-purpose lighting and have countless uses including personnel marking, and inclusion in emergency preparation kits.

Illumitac Wand Range
The Illumitac Wand Range includes large 10" and 15" lightsticks that emit the strongest light out of all our products. These wands are very versatile and can be used to light a room or large space, mark out large areas, and guide traffic or aircraft.

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