Broco Military & Tactical

It started 20 years ago with requests to build a better breaching torch for the Marines and Army Special Forces. Broco’s tactical line of business has developed to where Broco's forced entry and rescue products are used by top military & law enforcement tactical teams around the world.

And as risks evolve so do Broco's products, with a new emphasis on active shooter and other emergency first response.

Broco’s tools follow the natural progression of breaching escalation from mechanical, to saw, dynamic hydraulics and torch.

Whether it be reinforced doors, armored vehicles, or ship’s bulkheads and hatches, Broco products are the solution to penetrating hardened targets quickly, safely and assertively.

For questions and further information about Broco® Military, Tactical, and Fire & Rescue products, please call at 1300 896 001 or email one our RAPTOR Specialists at