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December 12, 2016 3 min read

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Magnum Boots Powered by Michelin Technical Insoles

Magnum Boots Australian Michelin Soles

Comfortable, flexible and supportive, our Michelin rubber outsoles offer optimal braking and grip with a specific indoor and outdoor anti-slip design.

Featuring a specific anti-slip tread pattern and siped sculpture for adhesion on slippery surfaces. These rubber outsoles have wide grooves positioning for excellent water evacuation and enhanced flexibility. The heel brake allows for optimal braking, a special arch design allows for better adherence and the side sculpture offers maximum support.

The Work Outdoor Compound (WOC) is highly abrasion resistant, anti-static and oil resistant.  Our high traction Michelin rubber outsoles are inspired by Michelin Power Rain and Michelin Pilto Alpin car tires.

The Michelin name is synonimous with innovation, high performance, durability and value. Pairing Michelin outsoles with Magnum boots has lead to innovative creations that provide increased comfort, flexibility and support. With its specific antislip design for both outdoor and indoor, the Michelin outsole is made of special compounds with optimal braking and grip. Add to this the special arch for better adherence and the wide grroves for water evacuation and enhanced flexibility, and you get an outsole that delivers ultimate stability in the toughest conditions.

Vibram - Grip your World

Vibram is the world leader in high performance rubber soles combining quality, innovation and the best compounds for their specific use. Vibram has positioned itself as the market standard with a wide range of soles targeted to outdoor pursuits. As a result, Vibram soles are always produced with three objectives: to guarantee the best performance, the maximum level of comfort and long lasting quality. To maintain their high standards, Vibram soles undergo a series of stringent tests in both the laboratory and in the field by the dedicated Vibram Tester Team.

Magnum has a long-standing relationship with Vibram and continues to push the boundaries in outsole technology. The latest Sidewinder range features an exclusive fast rope protection area built into the outsole that uses a V4 compound designed by Vibram. Working in tandem with a Superfabric medial panel, this unique combination of technologies offers unsurpassed resistance to abrasion damage during rappel work.

Hex Traction - Maximum Level of Grip and Traction

Magnum’s indoor collection of slip resistant footwear features the innovative new Magnum slip resistant outsole – Hex Traction. Specially designed at microscopic levels to give the maximum level of grip and traction; we have tested the slip resistance of our products on various customer specified surfaces using the Satra TM144 2007 test method. These surfaces included: steel/water, steel/glycerol, quarry tile/glycerol, chequer plate/water and chequer plate/glycerol. With over 70% of accidents in the workplace resulting directly from slips, trips or falls, you can ensure you are fully protected and confident on your feet with Magnum.

Armourgel is a revolutionary new energy absorbing material in footwear. The material stiffens on impact to provide protection but flexes when protection is not required, providing safety and comfort. Through its foam structure, Armourgel reduces 80% of impact forces transmitted to the body, and offers protection at a thickness of just 6 mm. The material can be tuned, washed, and bears freezing and hot temperatures without losing its properties.

Magnum Boots Australia ArmourGel


Agion is a slow releasing antimicrobial compound of silver ions, which increases with rising temperatures and moisture to counter the ideal conditions for bacterial growth.As humidity increases, more silver ions are released to prevent the build-up of unpleasant odours. On the molecular level these silver ions bond with the bacterial microbes, rendering them inert.
However, the release rate is limited to ensure long term protection and remove the build-up of odours generated by extreme exercise over time.Due to the slow release of ions, Agion antimicrobial compound remains effective for longer than other compounds and protects against a broader range of bacteria.


Tactical Gear Supplier Australia
Tactical Gear Supplier Australia

Tactical Gear Australia supply Government Agencies and Customers in Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia and the Pacific Islands with Specialised products and equipment for Police, Border Agencies, Security and Military operations. Our Government Solutions include Riot Control Equipment, Less Than Lethal, Body Armour, Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Collection products, Uniforms, Clothing and Apparel and operational equipment and products.

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