Hazard 4 - California Superlative Test Lab

April 28, 2018 1 min read

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Almost any weather and terrain conditions can be found in Hazard 4's California Base - From warm sandy beaches, to high alpine snow drifts and the hottest deserts. We can test our gear in all these places with amateurs and pro's alike. This gives us a unique ability in world geography to quickly and effectively dial in function and survivability to any of our packs, bags, watches, and future developments. We have the highest peak in the continental US, the lowest point, and hottest spot. We also have the biggest metro urban area and highest alpine lakes- Truly superlative stats. This 2 minute commercial flies you through just some of these and features some of the products we have tested there and continue to test in the future.


Tactical Gear Supplier Australia
Tactical Gear Supplier Australia

Tactical Gear Australia supply Government Agencies and Customers in Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia and the Pacific Islands with Specialised products and equipment for Police, Border Agencies, Security and Military operations. Our Government Solutions include Riot Control Equipment, Less Than Lethal, Body Armour, Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Collection products, Uniforms, Clothing and Apparel and operational equipment and products.

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