Mission Less Lethal


Mission - TPR Semi-Auto Pistol Launcher

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As the world’s leading supplier of less lethal pepper ball launchers for more than 15 years, our products are widely used by thousands of Federal, State, Local, and International police, military, and private security agencies. Safety Response Gear & Accessories Purpose built harnesses, holsters, cases, and accessories.

The Mission TPR Semi-Auto Pistol Launcher is the next level of Less Lethal force options.


  • Target Accurate up to 60Ft. / 20meters;
  • Area Saturation to 0-175ft. / 0-55meters.


  • Semi-Automatic 8 rd. magazine.
  • Deploys at 300ft. per second.
  • Under-barrel 12 gram C02 air system.
  • Trigger punctures C02 on first pull.


    • Compact, lightweight design ensures full range of motion in close quarter situations.

    Feed System:

    • Quick release 8 rd. magazine system. Covered munition window showing the number of rounds remaining.