Mission Less Lethal


Mission - MLR-FA Full Auto Carbine with Auto-feed & Folding Stock - Launcher

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As the world’s leading supplier of less lethal pepper ball launchers for more than 15 years, our products are widely used by thousands of Federal, State, Local, and International police, military, and private security agencies. Safety Response Gear & Accessories Purpose built harnesses, holsters, cases, and accessories.

The MLR-FA is powered by a 26ci/3000psi compressed air system that provides up to 200 shots per fill, twice that of most systems.

The MLR-FA comes standard with our patented air-driven full-auto system which provides fully adjustable rate of fire up to 15 rounds per second (armorer installed lock-out available).  This technology eliminates the need for electronic boards and batteries, thereby eliminating the risk of failure due to loss of power, moisture, extreme temperatures, magnetic/signal interference, or component failure.

The MLR-FA is equipped with an easy-twist on/off valve with integrated safety vent.  Easy to operate, even with gloves, this feature allows launchers to be stored degassed, but reliably deployable within seconds.  The safety vent feature bleeds any trapped air from the launcher when turned to the off position, thereby eliminating the risk of an accidental discharge.

The MLR-FA comes standard with orange lower receiver, air system mount, and “LESS LETHAL” hopper badging for easy identification by officers and the general public.


  • Target Accurate up to 60Ft. / 20meters;
  • Area Saturation to 0-175ft. / 0-53meters.


    • Mechanical Full Auto;
    • No batteries required
    • Deployed at 300ft. per sec.


        • The Forward mounted HPA tank allows for greater maneuverability and mobility in tactical situations.

        Feed System:

        • Patented feeder rotates with each shot to eliminate jams or dry fires.
        • 200 round capacity ammo box (low-profile 25-50 round capacity ammo box optional).