Leatherman Limited Edition Raptor Shears Purple Glow In The Dark Handles with Holder

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Leatherman Raptor foldable medical shears with an oxygen tank wrench, strap and ring cutters and a carbide glass breaker. Holster included. Available from Tactical Gear Australia an Authorised Leatherman Dealer.

Pre-Order ships mid/late October limited to 500 globally individually numbered. We have 10 ... first in best dressed!


This serialized, limited-edition Raptor combines premium PVD coating and glow-in-the-dark handles for a unique, collectible multi purpose shear.

This limited-edition multipurpose shear features premium PVD coating with glow-in-the-dark handles and holster. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is widely used in aerospace and tech industries, and creates a molecular bond with the stainless steel, resulting in a beautiful surface that’s more durable and less corrosive. The handles are crafted from phosphorescence material, giving the Raptor high visibility in any situation. Each one is serialized, with only 500 of each color produced, and backed by our 25-year warranty.


Leatherman Limited Edition Raptor Shears Purple Glow In The Dark Handles with Holder

 1  420HC Stainless Steel Folding Medical Shears: Collapsible cutting shears crafted from 420HC stainless steel that feature serrations to help grip materials for a strong, fast cut. The shears also come apart for cleaning and maintenance.

 2  Strap Cutter: Cut through straps, seatbelts, canvas, and other fabrics with this reversible tool.

 3  Ring Cutter: Cut through soft metal rings in an emergency with this scissor-like hook.

 4  Ruler (5 cm): A measuring guide for determining length, up to 5 centimeters.

 5  Oxygen Tank Wrench: Open oxygen tanks in emergency situations.

 6  Carbide Glass Breaker: Use to shatter auto glass in an emergency situation.



Leatherman Limited Edition Raptor Shears Purple Glow In The Dark Handles with Holder

 1  Glow In The Dark Handles: 

 2  PVD Coating: 

 3  Lanyard Hole: A hole designed in the body of the tool meant for attaching it safely and securely to a lanyard. Often people who work near water or on scaffolding attach their tool to a lanyard on their person to avoid losing the tool if it's dropped.

 4  Replaceable Pocket Clip: A removable clip which allows the user to wear their multi-tool attached to a pocket or belt loop without the use of a sheath. By removing the clip, the user is able to easily carry their tool in a sheath if preferred.

 5  MOLLE or Utility Belt Holster System:


  • PRODUCT TYPE Multi-Tool
  • SHEAR LENGTH 1.9 in | 4.8 cm
  • CLOSED LENGTH 5 in | 12.7 cm
  • WEIGHT 5.8 oz | 164 g

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