Breachpen LTE Breaching Tool

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The Breachpen LTE carried by Military, Special Forces, First Responders, and Search and Rescue all over the world, Breachpen is a proven tool to gain entry through barriers.

Breachpen is a thermite cutting rod/incendiary used to cut through metal chains, locks, or locking devices to allow the user instant access to secured locations. The Breachpen storage carrying case is used as the handle during application and also contains a special high-temperature match to ignite the cutting rod. This simple, lightweight cutting tool allows the user to always be prepared for the unexpected need to breach.

The Breachpen LTE is a lightweight, easy to carry, match-lit cutting tool for cutting various metals. Breaching locks, rebar, steel, chain, and pipe are just the beginning of where the LTE has been proven.


  • 23-25 second burn time
  • 2800deg C / 5072 F combustion temp
  • 1440deg C / 2624 F ignition temp
  • 445mm / 17.5inches in length
  • 18mm / .75inches in diameter
  • 210 / .5 pounds
  • 1 match included

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Disclaimer:This product is only available for Government Agency purchases.  If you have a genuine reason to want to purchase this product please contact us.