Aventura Metal Detectors, X-Ray & Security Scanners

Aventura Narcotics and Explosives Detection System

Size Guide

This small portable detector device is the perfect solution for airports and highly volatile locations. High performance, low cost of ownership, little maintenance makes this the perfect solution.

  • High sensitivity technology that can detect as little as 100 Nanograms of black powder, including fireworks and homemade explosives
  • Vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) lamp soft ionization technology, for safe non- radioactive use
  • Less than six seconds identification time
  • Built-in printer to print test results
  • Advanced migration tube design ensures high resolution
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Renewable gas purification system
  • Open database that can be customized by users to add/edit new types of explosives
  • 10 inch TFT color touch screen
  • Built-in printer to print test results
  • Re-usable dipstick
  • Supports network control and transfer
  • Unlimited Storage, USB port to output data

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