ASP Tuck IWB Keyring Baton Carrier

Size Guide

The deceptively simple Tuck IWB (Inside Waist Band) carrying accessory makes the already highly-concealable ASP Agent Baton effectively invisible. Comprising a specially-designed clip, tough leather strap and keyring, the Tuck fastens securely between the cap and handle of any size Agent Baton. The baton is then stowed inside the waistband, with only the strap (with keys, flashlight or other every day carry items on the ring) left hanging out and visible. When needed, grab the keyring end of the Tuck with the reaction hand, and pull up. Grasp the baton handle with the primary/weapon hand, pull the baton off the clip, and deploy. To stow, simply close the baton and reattach the clip.

Features of ASP Tuck IWB Keyring Baton Carrier

  • Concealed carrier for Agent Baton
  • Allows rapid deployment
  • Carries keys, EDC gear