Non Lethal Technologies

NonLethal Technologies distributed in Australia by Tactical Gear Distributors manufactures a wide range of less than lethal riot and crowd control equipment for military and law enforcement applications. Our product range includes screening and color smoke grenades and projectiles, CS irritant "tear gas" smoke grenades and projectiles, irritant OC pepper powder and vapor grenades, impact munitions, flash bang grenades, sting ball grenades, and other crowd management and pyrotechnic devices.

NLT strives to provide the law enforcement and military with a wide spectrum of products to meet their tactical and crowd management needs. Our companies' capabilities include all aspects of product design and development, with an experienced staff to assist in choosing or developing the most effective product for the situation. NonLethal Technologies provides a full range of less lethal grenades and less lethal ammunition to allow the most effective level of force to be used for various situations.

Contact the [TGD] Team to enquire about Non Lethal Technologies products in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands or S.E Asia. 

NonLethal Technologies Capabilities

In addition to our standard less lethal product line of 12 gauge cartridges, 37mm, 38mm, 40mm cartridges and hand thrown grenades, NonLethal Technologies can also provide additional services to our customers. Our company is experienced in the production of tear gas for the US Military and the manufacture of pyrotechnic and other less lethal grenades and less lethal ammunition for OEM accounts. Experience that helps to ensure that our products will meet our customers' expectations.

  • In house synthesis of CS and OC powders
  • Custom Blending of irritant solutions and powders
  • Delay mixes and delay tubes
  • Custom smoke pellets to customer specifications
  • Chemical Granulation to customer or Mil-Specs
  • Packaging and marking to customer or Mil-Spec
  • Product marking in any language
  • Ranges for product testing
  • Quality control to ISO or customer specifications
  • OEM loading and chemical supply

Non Lethal Technologies Less Than Lethal Flyer Gas Smoke
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Non Lethal Technologies Less Than Lethal Solutions

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