Hazard 4


Hazard 4 Cluster Sunglasses Lg (made in Italy) Impact Resistant Urban Silver Frame/Grey Lenses

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Hazard 4® sunglasses offer everyday styling and combining features like internal anti-reflective lenses, matte PVD or polished steel (not plated) finish and multiple frame designs like modern aviators, frameless aviators, and horn-rimmed.

  • Lenses meet ANSI Z87.1-2010 Standard
  • (Do not meet ANSI Z87.1+ High Speed/High Mass.)

Use and Limitations:
Protective eyewear helps provide limited protection (see warning & limitations below).

Warning! This product helps provide limited eye protection against certain flying particles. Misuse may result in serious and permanent eye injury, including blindness, or death. Failure to follow these instructions may result in serious injury. For use & limitations, see below and call Hazard 4® at 1-626-344-1454 to be clear on the product’s function and limitations.

Use and Limitations: Protective eyewear helps provide limited protection from light to moderate impact hazards, such as metal or wood chips and small flying particles. Care should always be used. These lenses are impact-resistant but not unbreakable. Do not use if lenses become pitted, cracked, or scratched. Do not use for protection against mists, sprays and splashes. Do not use for sports or simulated combat games. Do not use for burning, cutting or welding. They do not protect against severe impact hazards such as fragmenting, grinding wheels or abrasive disks, or explosive devices. Damaged frames reduce protection and must be immediately replaced.

The ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard stipulates wrap-around design; to maintain a casual urban style, the side-wrap is not provided for in these glasses to a full extent. If you require full Z87.1 compliance, please choose a sport/workman style of safety glasses.

  • UV protection rating of U6; this blocks out 99.9% of harmful UV rays 
  • (the highest standard available). 
  • exclusive two sizes to fit wearer’s face. 
  • holes available for string. 
  • frames can be bent to match face. 
  • heritage hand sculpted in Italy. 
  • thoughtfuly computer modeled and 3-d print refined to guarantee fit/look.
  • Large Size