Hazard 4


Hazard 4 Boot Bunker Boot Isolation Bag Coyote

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Boots and shoes are the one item of personal gear that are constantly wet/ muddy/ snowy and dusty. This boot bag isolates them from your packed clothing for travel on assignments, missions, and training. Great for the car trunk.

  • side/top mesh-vents for drying boot interiors 
  • solid back and one side to keep debris inside 
  • removable mesh floor holds a towel/paper towels below, to soak 
  • up water from the soles 
  • a stiffened divider keeps boots from scuffing each other and adds 
  • a structural spine 
  • detachable, wide shoulder strap included 
  • large front pocket for goggles, gloves, etc. 
  • collapses flat for storage/transport in luggage 
  • top handle, side pocket, molle strip, nametape, and patch areas 
  • are provided 
  • the flap can be used as a changing-mat

What's Included:

  • 1 x Wide shoulder strap