Harrow Armoured Security Vehicles

Harrow Security Vehicles is a young and dynamic vehicle armoring company situated in Dubai Investment Parks that offers a comprehensive range of vehicle armoring solutions as well stop-grade armoured vehicles to those who will not settle for anything but the best. As one of the most trusted armored car companies in UAE today, we are focused on developing and producing military-grade armoured vehicles and buses, bulletproof cars, military mobile units, all-terrain SUVs, armor-plated sedans, and special purpose mobile units such as ambulances, Cash-in-Transit units, and heavy duty trucks. Our armored cars and vehicles are designed and developed according to the highest military standards. With our mobile solutions, your safety is in excellent hands.

Results Driven
Results are the reason behind our confidence. Our armored vehicles for sale have been subjected to a rigorous battery of stress tests to ensure that we deliver top quality solutions to our customers. Data-driven and results-based – that is how we work.

Proven Technology
As technology continues to evolve, so do the dangers of the real world. We have earned our spot as one of the top armored vehicles companies in Dubai and the UAE by ceaselessly innovating and developing new technologies to enhance your security on the road. We have a 35,000 square-foot production facility equipped with the latest manufacturing technology to back the work of our in-house research and development team in the UAE.

Overcoming Terrains
The terrain in the UAE is the same as in any other country in the Middle East – rough and challenging. our vehicles are given increased torque, power, and mobility to haul the added weight of armouring over the roughest terrains.

Performance & Skill
We have brought together some of the brightest minds in the region to build a workforce that can rival the best armored vehicles companies in the Dubai and the UAE.

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