TruSpec Gen II Adjustable Boonie Hat

Size Guide
The TruSpec Poly / Cotton Ripstop Boonie Hat is made from a durable polyester/cotton ripstop material that protects wearers from excessive sun exposure and adds a layer of camouflage to a tactical outfit. The wide brim blocks sunlight from your eyes and the material keeps you cool on hot days.
There are brass screen vents on the crown, which expel excess heat from the hat and promote a comfortable, breathable interior. The adjustable chin cord lets the hat be taken off and carried around the neck. Soft, durable and ultra-protective, this Militray Spec boonie hat is an ideal choice for anyone seeking reliable sun protection in any climate.

Features of TruSpec Poly / Cotton Ripstop Contractor Boonie Hat
  • 65 / 35 Polyester / Cotton Rip-Stop
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Brass screen vents
  • Loops included
  • One Size Fits All
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