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Condor Shemagh

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The Condor Shemagh is an essential piece of desert combat gear, the Condor Shemagh boasts a multi-functional, lightweight design that can be worn in a variety of climates. Originally designed to protect wearers from sun exposure and sand particles, this shemagh's resilient and ultra-durable cotton construction serves to provide cover from wind, snow and dust as well. It is built from 100% cotton to promote breathability in arid or windy climates. Its ample size can accommodate any wearer and allows for varying levels of ventilation based on the method of tying used to secure it. Because of its adaptability and lightweight material, it can be used in desert climates or when dealing with hot-weather terrain.

TheCondor Shemagh Features:

  • Length: 44"
  • Height: 44"
  • 100% cotton
  • Sun and sand protection
  • Machine washable