Original Swat No Longer Sold by Tactical Gear in Australia

April 16, 2020 5 min read


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Sometimes you have to make the hard decisions, in a pressure and stressful situation split second decisions can mean the difference between life and death.

Thankfully this was one of the easiest decisions we have ever made - Not to sell Original SWAT Footwear.

If you have purchased Original Swat from us and are unhappy contact us and we will send you some Magnums for Cost price!

Regarding Original SWAT Footwear We have been in the Law Enforcement and Military Supply business since 1999 in Australia. Our business was founded by a former Police Officer and only employees those that know their gear. We highly recommend what we consider to be superior brands - Magnum Footwear, Merrell Tactical Footwear and Under Armour Tactical. These brands hold excellent stocks, standby their warranty and the customer feedback regarding comfort, fit for purpose and durability are all things we consider when recommending brands. Tactical Gear Only supplies the best brands in the Law Enforcement and Military markets. We do not compromise on substandard or poor quality products and we don't do business with brands who don’t support their dealers or customers.

For all Original Swat Warranty Claims contact Original Swat Directly: smarshall@originalfootwear.com Phone: +44 7738 224299

If you have had a bad experience with Original Swat make a comment below.  We want to hear from you! We may even send you a new pair of Magnums, Merrell Tactical or Under Armour!

Independent Reviews of Original Swat Footwear from Trust Pilot

Kay - 1 Star
Cheap quality boots

I bought a pair of the 6inch original swat work boots and within 2 weeks of just walking in them the leather started lifting off the two. I called the company and sent pictures and they said they can't do anything for me except they gave me a 15% coupon to buy another pair. When the boots are $180 plus tax, I just can't afford to replace them so quickly. A month in and the leather is a mess. At this rate they won't last 6 months. I've been buying and wearing work boots for a long time and I've never had anything like this happen before so I don't think it's anything I'm doing, just the quality of the leather. Very disappointing as they are very comfortable.

Matthew General - 1 Star
These boots could be fantastic
These boots could be fantastic. Some aspects are great. However, I don't think anyone that has had to melt shoe shine and polish boots for parade and inspection would ever use these again after having one pair. The leather portions of the boot dont polish to any reasonable standard and scuffs are beyond repair. Also both zippers have broken with little wear and tear. So, I could replace zippers for $50.00 or more but why would I bother rather than moving to a better product or another company. I wish I could write a better review.

Yuri - 1 Star
I bought the brand new pair of Original…
I bought the brand new pair of Original SWAT boots classic "6" model #112001 in Value Village store.Some times you can buy the brand new staff in Value Village.The boots was newer worn with all labels.As shown on the advertisement of the boots where is the 100% waterproof membrane.But when just small water drop comes to the surface of the boots it comes inside and my socks always wet.I contacted to the company customer service but representative said it's no warranty if it was bout not from official retailer.
In the and-BAD QUALITY,NO WARRANTY!!!!!!!!!!!

Cardwell - 1 Star
Not worth the $$
I bought a pair of original s.w.a.t. boots and 6 months later i have a huge whole in the heel. Ive emailed them about there 1 year guarante and they havent responded, its been a month!

Greg - 2 Stars
Quality has dropped
This is my 4th pair of Original Swat boots. My first pair years ago was comfortable and lasted a very long time. The second pair was also very good. The 3rd pair was too large (couldn't find size 10, had to go to size 10 1/2) and is now retired as an occasional working boot for gardening. Recently purchased a 4th pair, size 9 1/2, and are too small. But the real problem is the boot material seems much cheaper, almost like a type of plastic. The left boot has a very loud squeak with every step. I'm sorry to say I'm looking for new boots from a different manufacturer now.

LEO USA - 1 Star
Seriously don't waste your money ...
Seriously don't waste your money or your feet, these are a cheap knock off for the same price as leading brands such as Magnum.

Susan (Quebec) - 1 Star
Bad service!
The first pair of boot i ordered was not the same size,the right one was smaller.I return them no problem,then the second pair was very much to large for me ,i return them after 2 weeks they told me they didnt receive them yet.So no return no refund,I call and explain to them that my box is maybe lost, that they must call UPS because maybe there is a problem with the return label,they said ok but do you know what,they send a guy from UPS to come pick up the box but what box...they came since 2 weeks ago!Anyway they had hard time to understand my problem wich is was not complicated at all!Never i am gonna ordered another pair of boots from them!I still wait after them to fix out my problem.If you ordered some boots hope that you will keep them ,otherwise good luck!

Unhappy Custpomer - 1 Star
H.A.W.K. WP 9" SZ EN - Inconsistant sizing - dont buy unless you can try them on first
I am on my second pair of these H.A.W.K. 9" WP Side-Zip EN boots, purchased from an OS vender. The first pair were supposed to be 11.5 size, but fit like a 10.5 - 11. those were exchanged for 12's. One of the boots fits like a glove, the most comfortable boot I have ever worn. The other is too small and cant be worn comfortably. REALLY? the left and right are two different sizes? I have to pay return shipping every time I send them back so i'm just going to donate them to goodwill .. I have been wearing OS boots for over 10 years, size 11.5 and never had any problems. When I called OS about the sizing issues they said "yes, we have heard reports of some boots to big, some to small, some even fit perfect" but they, OS, don't see this as a problem. Customer service explained that its because they are using a new manufacturer for these boots ... The lack of concern for their customers has made me come to the conclusion that I will never buy another pair of OS boots again .... why on earth would they accept and sell a boot that they know has fitment issues?
bottom line is DONT BUY THESE BOOTS BY MAIL ORDER. Try them on in a store so you are satisfied with the fit or DONT BUY THEM AT ALL.

Tactical Gear Supplier Australia
Tactical Gear Supplier Australia

Tactical Gear Australia supply Government Agencies and Customers in Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia and the Pacific Islands with Specialised products and equipment for Police, Border Agencies, Security and Military operations. Our Government Solutions include Riot Control Equipment, Less Than Lethal, Body Armour, Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Collection products, Uniforms, Clothing and Apparel and operational equipment and products.

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July 09, 2020


VicPol Police Officer
VicPol Police Officer

July 07, 2020

I just googled worst footwear for Police with a view of making sure that I wasn’t going to buy crap, so thanks for the info, in the mean time I’ve spoken with a few of the lads and they have also conformed Original SWAT is not good, elected for the Merrells and awaiting. their delivery – will let you know.

Robert K
Robert K

June 24, 2020

Nice move Tactical Gear and thanks for the super fast delivery on the Magnums ordered Monday got them Wednesday. :)


April 16, 2020

Couldn’t agree more! There are unfortunately now too many Brands that sell to First Responders, Police, Military, Security who compromise on quality of materials and workmanship. I have been a sucker when it comes to Original Swat, I purchased a pair, and they fell to pieces, I tried to get a warranty direct from Original Swat but they never responded, so I bought another repair thinking it was just a one off bad quality but low and behold it happened again. and you guessed it no warranty yet again. Definitely stick to Magnum or Merrell Tactical – I like that comment “Save your money and your feet” haha! cheers JJ

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